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Kmsauto net

Download KMSAuto Net 2019 V1.4.9 Portable Windows & Office

If you want to activate your windows and office with the full automatic tool, then you can download it and start using the full version product. Give you an activation without using any product key. No need ay telephonic activation. It is a single click windows+office activation process. It is a completely free no need money. Give you a genuine window such as win 7, 8 and 10. If you try to find product keys, I will clear you in advance, the free product key will not work, so you need to download Kmsauto net 2019 version. Which give you complete activation.

If you receive the message on right side of your computer screen, ” Activate Windows” Go to settings to activate windows. Then, you should try this tool. We know that is very common issues, nowadays, everyone facing this problem. If you do not want to activate windows and office with this tool. Then, I recommend you to buy the original copy from the official site. Also, I never recommend you to use these types of activation tools.


Introduce to KMS Auto Net®

Let you introduce the most famous activator for office and windows. It has a high-quality feature which is very simple and less secure. Just you need to select the MS products and click on the activate button. It is not limited to a single version, it has too many version which enhanced features Here we provide the direct link for our visitors. We know that when we use any activation tool, then we just need to reboot our system to take effect. It will take only 2-3 minutes to fully activate. During this process, you do not need a license or product key. Finding a product key online is a long process and does not provide perfect results. While most activators available online are free, they are full of a virus that will surely damage the device or data.

KMSAuto net is only for those who can’t purchase an official copy or original windows. We know that in poor countries every one can not buy the product keys. Altho, it is very expensive and not affordable for everyone. Give you a lifetime activate like original windows. You can not download the safe and secure tool from every website. But from CrackEv site, you will get the secure and free tool. KMSAuto Net latest Portable Windows + Office activator also it is a free and full version.


What is a Kmsauto net?

It is an activation tool, which is used to activate the windows and office both. Let you complete the activation process without using any product keys. Directly edit the windows files and complete the activities on the process just in few seconds. If we take a look at the background process where see that the TAP drivers are used to complete this process. By using the manipulation method, which is an official method of this tool. It is a combination with many tools such as KMSAuto Lite and much more small tools.

 Working of Kmsauto net:

Here you can read the working principle of Kmsauto net.

Auto mode:

In this method, we press only a single button to activate the windows and office, so it is called auto mode. When we use this mode, you do not need anything. Everything automatic don by the tool. Activator will do all the process and complete the activation.

Manual Method:

It is a fully manual method, just you can complete the activation via manual settings in the «System» tab. You can completely control the activation process, configure all the necessary settings and install keys for Windows or Office applications separately.

Scheduler– Activation:

In this method, you can set the action using the Scheduler tool, which you can find the activation tool, in this activator. It is also called time to time activation. Kmsauto net run the process after an interval of time and reactivate the product.

Process Progress display

The program has a built-in console, which shows the entire activation process. Each step of the process has an explanation in English. If something goes wrong, an error message will appear on the console. It will be possible to act appropriately.

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The Main Features of Kmsauto net:

Below we share some noticeable features which you’ll experience using the Kmsauto net. If you want to activate your windows and office with one tool, then you must need all the features before you start downloading. Everyone knows that you do not technical skills to use activator. It is like a magic and will let you avail full version via the just tool.

  1. KMSAuto Net is easy to use and have a very good user experience.
  2. Activate all the windows and Microsoft’office but it should be above than 2010.
  3. Very quick and reliable tool for window + office.
  4. Give you full and permanently activates using its unique technology.
  5. You did not need to disconnect the internet during the activation process.
  6. You do not need to add this into your firewall setting.
  7. Compatible with the window defender and firewall.
  8. Give you a single click activate for Window 10 and office 2016.
  9. Did you know it is an open source software which is available for all users?
  10. Bullit-in TAP drivers for Window 10.
  11. Allow you to improve the overall performance of your computer.
  12. Scan with most popular security software we don’t find ay virus and malware.
  13. It provides easy and quick activation of the window in a fraction of seconds.
  14. Update and latest version. it is a 2019 version.
  15. Give you a backup activation.

Additional utilities

Here you can read the Additional utilities:

  1. MSActBask Up Tool: Let you reactivate the windows when you reinstall the operating system.
  2. Account Settings: Now you can manage the all set using this tool, which will use to activate the system user, change the name and password.
  3. Task management: Give you access to enable or disable the tasks to collect all the information which give you access to Microsoft Corp.
  4. Task Scheduler: You can create and manage the different tack and configure.
  5. Manage the task: Give you access to disabling or enabling certain task during activation.
  6. Reset: Reset the key and manage a new key just in few seconds.
  7. Check system files: you can also check the system files and log file using this tool.
  8. Official tool: this is a free and not an official tool.
  9. Viewing Windows events: let you check all types of info such as errors.

Advantages and Disadvantages  of Kmsauto net:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kmsauto net


Below you can also read the advantages and disadvantages of this activator, which give you the right direction to choose the right tool for the right job.

  1. Quickly activate the windows and office just on single click.
  2. Have a very user-friendly interface, which gives you quick access to all the tools.
  3. Very small in size, but work is very big.
  4. Activate the windows and office with just a single tool.
  5. No need ay product key to use this tool.


Above you read some advantages of Kmsauto net, now let me share some disadvantages. Which give some more points to understand this activation tool.

  1. Maybe your security software found this windows activation tool as a virus.
  2. Not activate every version of windows and office. Only work on some special version.
  3. Everyone can not make this type of tool. So, you need some special skills you make this tool. You need a complete knowledge of programming.
  4. You can not share this tool, via big platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo mail.
  5. Everyone cannot download this tool, some time you download the ads. So, take care you are downloading.

Kmsauto net VS Simple Activator

Let me compare Kmsauto net VS Simple Activator, which gives you a clear view to choose the best activation tool.

[table id=6 /]

How to Download and Install KMSauto net?

In the paragraph, I will show you how to download and install the KMSauto Net version. After reading this you are now able you download and install the KMSauto net.

Finally, here is a step by step guidelines to activate the full version windows and office.

  1. First of all, download the zip file via below given link.
  2. So, if you want to download it then click these links to start the download.
  3. When you complete the downloading now unzip the activator using the password (In case of password protected).
  4. When you compete for the above process, follow the below process.
  5. Now extract the KMSAuto Net using unzip software.
  6. Run the file KMSAuto Net. Exe.
  7. In this step click on ACTIVATION -> ACTIVATE WINDOWS.
  8. After completing, the above process restarts the PC.

What is a KMSAuto Net Password?

What is a KMSAuto Net Password

When you download it from 3rd party site you will ask for a password, in this case just write which helps you to unzip the file. So, I suggest you save this password for next time. If you save a KMSAuto Net into your computer then, you just need to save the password. Whenever you need to use this tool. Just unzip it by using this password. In the end, the question is why we use the password? Well, the answers are sometimes your security software detect as a virus and delete the file. But when it is a password protected, it is unable to delete these files. Hence, we use the KMSAuto Net Password.

How to Remove Auto KMS NET Shortcuts folders

As a result, If you want to remove KMSAuto Net Shortcuts and folder then, follow our step by step guidelines.

  1. Open the Run box and type Regedit.
  2. Give new windows and ask you to click on Yes or No, so here just click on Yes.
  3. On the left-hand side, click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  4. Now click on subfolder Lnkfile.
  5. Here you will see too many files just find out the IsShortcut.
  6. If you want to Remove Auto KMS NET Shortcuts folders, then just click on delete and remove the files.
  7. Enjoy.

The best method to check license status

Below method let you check the license status, so follow the step by step instructions.

  1. Firs to all, you need to click on the Start menu.
  2. NOw you need to switch to the Applications tab.
  3. In this step, right click to locate the computer.
  4. Now select the properties.
  5. In the properties window of the system that opens, the status of the license is found below.

How to add KMS to Windows 10 Defender exceptions:

in contrast, follow the following instruction to add KMS to windows 10 defender exceptions:

  1. First of all, open the defender.
  2. Go to options which are located in the bottom left corner.
  3. Now go to virus and threat Protection Notifications and click on setting.
  4. finally, scroll down the list and click on Exceptions and select the Add or remove exceptions.
  5. Now click on the + button to add an exception.
  6. Just select the file, type, folder/ process
  7. In this step, find the required folder or files and open it.
  8. Here you need to add the KMS Auto exceptions here.
  9. Disable the security software for some time.
  10. Or disable for some time the antivirus, completely (not recommended).

System requirements

Before you start Kmsauto net free download, make sure your PC meets the following minimum system requirements.

  1. {OS}: Windows 7 to 10 maximum
  2. {Net framework}: You must have installed: Net framework 4
  3. {privileges}: Administrator privileges
  4. {HDD/SSD}: 5 MB of free Space in the hard disk


At the end of this post, finally, you know everything about the Kmsauto net and all use of it. If you use the cracked, you need to pay nothing. but your computer may or may not in the problem. If you have any questions about the kmsauto net 2019 version. Please leave a comment below.

Download Link: – 5.2 MB

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