GBWhatsapp provided by the CrackEv is the latest and fully working tested version 2019. You can also download the official version. Below we provide all latest and old version to direct download. So, you can download all including 8.00,7.99, 7.35, 7.00 and 6.00 and much more. This is a best bulk sender Whatsapp message sending tools ever.

GBWhatsapp download

GBWhatsApp Latest Version Download:

Everyone today knows about the WhatsApp. Also, everyone is using WhatsApp today for there daily use. But also with that, there is a modified version of WhatsApp. Which is GBWhatsApp for android? It also termed as GB WhatsApp plus. If you want then you also can easily download GB WhatsApp. Only in few simple steps which will take you to your GB WhatsApp latest version download page. There are many different and advance features in GBWhatsApp new version. Which you are going to use now. Today we are going to tell you each and every feature. Only you have to do is simply read over the post in which you are going to know all about it. So, first of all, let us clear one thing here. Today we will give you the unbanned version of it. Feel free to install it.

As we told you earlier that in this GB WhatsApp update. You are going to get a lot of new features which you can easily use on your android. If you are also interested in GBWhatsApp free download. Then you are on the right page. One by one in different headings we are going to discuss all the features in. Above all on our website, you are going to get the GB WhatsApp new version. Which you will not even be able to get on any site. You should always be very careful when you are going to download GB WhatsApp. Be careful that you should only download it from the GBWhatsApp official website. Because other websites can contain viruses that will affect your mobile. You should visit our website if you want to safely download this app. The remaining features are discussed below in headings enjoy.

Available Features In GB WhatsApp Latest Version:

Here we are going to tell you what features you are going to get in it. Also, what is special about GB WhatsApp new version? You should one thing that here we will give you the names about the features. And then we will discuss them one by one in the below post. So, if you are ready then lets start. Above all, the best features of GBWhatsApp’s latest version are. That you can always be online even when you are not online. It can be very useful for many peoples. Also, you can easily modify your GBWhatsApp messenger. There is no limit for customization. If you want then you can also create your own custom themes. And if you are a developer then you can also submit your those themes. To make sure that other peoples should also be able to use them and also enjoy.

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There are also different GB WhatsApp mods available. which you can use And your data can be leaked easily. Because WhatsApp’s original versions have many flaws. And they can affect your user experience. But if you will go with it then you can easily secure your data. Also, you can set your privacy according to the way you want. Which can be very useful for you in different ways. For those who want to hide their blue ticks than they also can hide them too. Status views, single clicks and even more. There is nothing left that you can not do in the GBWhatsApp android version. If you don’t want to reply to everyone. Then there are two different functions which you can use. One is that you should schedule your messages. And the second way is this that you can easily set an auto-reply to make tasks easy.

GBWhatsapp download

Download Link: GBWA7.99_.apk – 52.0 MB

Advance Features In GBWhatsApp Free Download:

So, you will be thinking now that what are the advanced features of Gb WhatsApp free download. There is not one advance feature in it. There are many different features available and we are going to tell you about those features.

  1. First of all the main feature is the status. As you know how many people are using the status of WhatsApp today.
  2. Every second there is a new status available to see which all are also interested in. But in the original version, you can also not upload your status as you like. Or you can not save it.
  3. By using it you can easily see other people’s status in one click. And also can upload status for 7 minutes. And in the original version, you are able to upload only 30 seconds.
  4. It also supports multiple languages. If we say that in number then you can use it in more then 100 different languages.
  5. And as you know about the status. Just like that, there is a limit to upload and send data to chats. Means that in it you can send more than 55 Mbs videos at once. Also, you can send 100 documents at the same time easily.
  6. Also, share whatever you like to share with your friends with more than five people. Which you can not do in the original version.
  7. Just like this, there are also a lot of other features that you can easily use in the mod version of WhatsApp.
  8. These were not all the features of GB mods WhatsApp. More is coming in your way which you can have a look in the below and the remaining post. You are going to love reading them.

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Privacy in GBWhatsApp Latest Version:

gb whatsapp plus latest version

Many peoples will be worrying about the modified version. They are even afraid of the word Mod. So, for all of those peoples, you should read this post once. A lot of different websites have viruses and you can get hacked. But if you are visiting and downloading it from our website then you should feel free about your privacy. Because you are going to get WhatsApp GB’s latest version for free. And also free of viruses. So, now it all depends on you that what you are going to do. Once again you should at least once delete the original version and then you can see that what is inside the WhatsApp that you can use. There are a lot of other privacy features in it that you can use. They are just a few words away from you and you also can easily understand and use them.

Here are the remaining privacy features. So, when you will start using it. You can easily set your privacy according to the way you want your privacy to be. Easily can have a private chat with anyone you want. Above all, you can also make your chat totally secure that no other person will be able to see that thing without you. That chat will be totally secure. If that is important then you can also create a backup for that chat. There are many different emojis that you will be able to send. You can hide your blue ticks if you don’t want anyone to see them. Or hide your online status. Also, you can set that too always online. It all depends on your choice. You can set your privacy according to the way you want. Use WhatsApp + to feel more secure ease in your chats.


[su_spoiler title=”Customization Feature” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]

Customization Feature

whatsapp gb plus download

For all of those peoples who love interfaces. And also they get bored with one UI very soon. Then for those peoples, they must use WhatsApp GB latest. Because it is specially designed for those peoples who love to play with the UI. There are also many different customization features available in it. Which you can use as you like them. It can be sharp colors or dark mods and even more. Or you want to create and use your own themes. Ony by one you are going to get to know about all of those features so. First of all, there are different themes available from all over the world. Which are simple and very beautiful. Only you have to do is this that you just simply go into setting to find themes. You are all the way up there. in one click you can use themes.

As we told you in the above paragraph that in one click you can simply use the themes. Which you like the most and then you can also do what you like the modification to do. Everything is so simple and well organized in it. You can do whatever you like with the UI. If you don’t like the other developer’s themes. Then you can also create and use your own themes in it. As you like them you can go with them. There is no limit of modification in it. From icon to chat screen you can change what you like. If you don’t like the WhatsApp icon then you can also change it the way it will look good to you. Everything is in your head you can make that come true if you will start using the GB WhatsApp. You will fall in love with its features.


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Backup And Restore Updates in new version:

gb whatsapp plus latest version

Backup is the need for everyone in these days. For example, if your data and important chats get lost then what are you going to do there is no solution for that no. Until you have the backup and you can restore it. But as you know that you can create a backup in the original version too. And there are many details which are missed. Also, it is not easy to restore your data with the original version. Just keep in mind your that problem. Now the solution is here also neat and clean. Only you have to do is the GBWhatsApp app download. Then after that, you can create the backup of everything on your WhatsApp and you can easily use a lot of other features. Give in the below post.

More in the backup feature is this. That you can easily restore your data. Only you have to do is this that just simply create a backup of your chats first. You can easily select media, chats, and also other data for backup select what you want. When you will have the backup file then you can easily do whatever you like the most. If your chats got deleted. OR sue to any error you can not access them. At that time you will not have to worry about. Because you will be able to simply restore your data. Now how you are going to di is very simple. Just download this version from our site. Then give your details. Which means number and etc. After giving the security digits. You will see a function of restore. It will show you the backup in MBs. Which you can restore.


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Hide Able Features In GBWhatsApp Plus Download For Free:

download gbwhatsapp for android

You will be thinking now that what is there to hide in WhatsApp. I have been using WhatsApp. But I never get to hide anything. So, slow down for a minute and read the full post. So, in the gbWhatsApp download a free version. There is not one feature that you can hide and show. A lot of features are available. Which you are using but you never get to hide them. Also, you always wish that you could hide them. What they are blue ticks, double ticks, single ticks, status, online status and even more. But they are not in your control. What you will do if you can not control them. It is simple just switch to this version and all is solved. You can simply hide anything you want to hide it could be your online status, blue ticks or more.

Above all, if you are interested in it. Then there are the remaining details. So, you can go to the setting and do all of these tricks. One is that you can hide your online status. And the second is this that you can set it to always online. Whenever someone will open WhatsApp and they will go to message you. Then they will be able to easily see that you are always online. If you sent messages to someone or receive it. Also, you don’t want to let them see that you have read their messages. Then you can open it and then you will be able to hide them easily. It can now be your status, blue ticks, single clicks or even more. There is nothing like profile pic, your username which you can not hide. For remaining features scroll down the page.


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Chats In Latest Version:

gbwhatsapp for android

Your whole chatting experience is going to change. Only you have to do is the one thing which is that. Simply go and do the GBWhatsApp download page. From our website for free, Then what you are going to do with your chats is insane. You will be going to change the whole way you were chatting. Also, you will see the difference in seconds. You will be thinking now what is so unique. One is its customization feature. Which you can easily use to give your chats a nicer look. And can make your WhatsApp look attractive. Above all, unique and different from other peoples. Second is its emojis, gifs and even more. You can use them from thousands of different categories. Also, you can search for them and can use what you like the most. It all will depend on you what you want to do.

And the remaining is this that you will be able to send videos in your chats. For more than thirty MB. So, you can consider that what more incredible is coming in your way. Also, for the audios, you can send them up to 100 Mbs. And documents are just insane. You can share at once more than a hundred documents. So, overall your experience will get unique and fun. Easily can customize your chats the way you want. It can also create their backup for safe use. Above all, you can also send private messages in chats too. Stickers are also available. If you want more then you can also get them from many other 3rd Party apps. If you are silly then you can also do the auto-reply feature. To send messages automatically and even more, features are in the below post.


[su_spoiler title=”Status In GBWhatsApp ” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]

Status In GBWhatsApp

gbwhatsapp last version

If you are also interested in GBWhatsApp download. Then you should know this feature that what you can do in its status feature. The status of it is really amazing and also very advance. You will be thinking like that what we can do in the status. We simply go select and upload our status. But you should know one thing which is this that you can easily upload status in the original version only for 30 seconds. Which is really disturbing. But in this version, you can easily upload status for more than 7 minutes. This is the best feature that you are going to get in it. Also, just in a few seconds, it will upload your status and other people will be able to see it. You can do even more with this messanger.

Interested in status feature and want to use it. Then visit our website and it will take you to the GBWhatsApp app download page. Where you can download it for free. This was not all the features that you were going to get in it. There is even more like that. If you are watching someone’s status and you like it really much. What are you going to do? There is nothing that you can do. Also, if you want then you can use other apps which is a very bad way. If you want a simple solution. Then you can download it and then directly when you will be watching status. You will be able to easily download that status directly on your device and even more. If you want then you can also use privacy. And also can mute someone status update if you don’t like them.


[su_spoiler title=”Auto Reply And Message Scheduler ” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]

Auto Reply And Message Scheduler

download whatsapp gb for android

A very unique feature of GB mods WhatsApp download for free. Its message options. Which can also be very useful if you are running a business. Or even more. Sometimes it is not possible for someone to reply when another person is trying to contact you. And they get worried and your time can be wasted also it can affect your friends, colleagues, business and even more. Or if you forget to message someone when it is necessary. Then there is a solution for that you can use it to schedule those messages. Like if you want to congratulate someone on his birthday. Then what if you will forget that. You can get in serious trouble. Also, if you will use GB WhatsApp then you will be able to schedule those messages. And they will be automatically sent at that time.

The time which you will put in it to send. Then at that time, the other person will receive a message and they will get happy. While you will be sleeping or you will forget and even more. Just like that, there is another good feature which is the auto-reply feature. So, as you can get to know it from the name. Auto-reply what it is and how you are going to do is here. For example, if you are running a business and you are away now what you are going to do. When someone will try to contact you and you will not be there. A solution is here for that which is its auto-reply feature. Which you can set according to the way you want it. And when you will be away. GBWhatsApp Will be replying to your customers for free and you enjoy it.


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Advantages To Download WhatsApp GB Latest Version:

gbwhatsapp official website

We have discussed all the features above that you are going to it. Also, there are a few left from it. And the remaining you are going to get here. Above all, in the above post, you can also learn how to do the GBWhatsApp download. If you don’t knowhow then you simply have to visit our website. And you are already here. Then simply search for it and you will be there to the download page. And then when you will start using it there are many different features which you can use in it. There is no limit where you can stop. You will be in the control or you can become the kingmaker of WhatsApp. You can easily modify WhatsApp to the way you want and even more. The interface is fun and you will love using it.

Many different features are available to use in it. Like its theme features. Which you can use to switch from one theme to another theme. Or you can also create your own themes. And can let other people know about it. You can also make your chats more secure and smart with this version. Other people will not be able to see the truth about you. It all will be in your hand. You can let them see what you want for them. Like if you want then you can show your status to always online. They will be shocked to see that. And you can set an auto-reply which will reply to them automatically when you will be away. So, that they will not be able to see that you were hiding your status. You can also hide blue ticks, single ticks and even more.


[su_spoiler title=”Sum Up Of GB WhatsApp Download For Free:” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]

Sum Up Of GBWhatsApp Download For Free:

free download gbwhatsapp

Here is a piece of advice in last for you. If you want to do more and also want to enjoy then you should use it. Also, you can get the GBWhatsApp app download for free. And in a secure way if you will download it from our website. By using it you can have a chat with your friends in a more secure. At the same time, you can share things with more than five people at the same time. And also you can share data in a more advanced and easy way. Can easily increase share limit up to many more MB.

Note here that it is the unbanned version and it will never get banned again. So, feel free to install it and use it. The remaining features are here. You can download and upload your status easily. Status for seven minutes and even more. There is also a DND mod. Which you can use if you don’t want to get disturbed. Transfer files in a more secure and easy way. Create a backup for your chats and can restore them easily. Also, if you want then you can secure and send private messages in different chats. use more gifs and emojis. Above all, you can also search for them. There are many different features to use in it. Once you will start using it. You will never switch back to the original version.




SO, here we provide you a direct link to download this mod apk, Which give you full access to send unlimited messages. So click on the download link above to download the GBWhatsapp.

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