Privacy Policy

Who we are:
Our website address is

Which type of data do we collect?

    When you leave the comments on our website, we show this comment below of the post/page in a comment box. Also, we collect your IP, browser user agent and
  2. Media
    When you upload the image on our site, please remove the location tag from it because the user downloads the image and may track your location. So, please avoid uploading the image including the location tag.
  3. Cookies
    When you comment on our site, may we save your name, emails, and website in cookies? So, next time you do not need to fill the information again for a year because we save your information in our cookies.
  4. Google Analytics
    We use google analytics to analyze the visitor’s data. In this data, we can collect location, browser user agent, time, date, page and much more.