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Will you crack the code? Here we share some Crack The Code puzzle game solutions. Below we share a puzzle game. Try its

Let Solve and Crack The Code

Now let me solve the puzzle for you. So this is the allotment environment which I have set up to crack the three direct numeric clock on the right side.

We have all the five conditions which have been given to us. Below we have two lists. One is the correct solution list. And other is confirmed solution less accurate solution list will contain their desserts. Which can be correct code for the lock. On the other hand, conform solution list will include the dessert which follows to be correct code for the lock on the left-hand side. We have the solution area where we will solve the puzzle. So let us take the first condition into the solution areas.

crack the code puzzle answer key

The first condition sees out of six eight two. There is one number which is correct and very place. So we will add six eight and two to the right solution list. Let us clear the solution area. Now we have 6 8 and 2 in the correct solution list, and our confirmed solution list is still empty. Now we have added the following condition in the solution area which sees out of 6 1 and 4. One number is correct but wrongly placed.

According to the second condition, we will add one in four to the correct solution less six is already there — so no need to added again. Let we have 6 8 2 1 and 4 in the right solution letters and our confirmed solution list the streets empty.

Conditions 1 and 2  – Crack The Code

Now taking both conditions 1 and 2 in the solution area in both terms. Desert 6 is common according to the first condition one number is correct and very pleased. And according to the 2nd condition, one number is exact but wrongly placed. So if we take the desert sex as the correct number and delighted in condition one who will contradict the state to, so sex should not be any solution said no.

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I am removing six from the solution less now clearing the solution area and updating the correct solution list currently adding condition three to the solution area which says that two numbers are the right but wrong place.

Now according to their condition one and two, we have already declared that the number six is should not be in our correct solution.

Condition 3 – Crack The Code

Less so with this condition 3, we can. That two and zero are the two numbers which are correct and which are wrongly placed. So now we will add two and zero in our conform solution list. And we will add zero to our right solution less because two is already there in the correct answerless.

I am now taking the Coalition for into the solution area which says that nothing is correct.

So the desert 7 3 and aid should not be in our solution. So we will remove 7 3 and aid from all the conditions and all the list like to list. We have the correct solution list and confirm the solution list. We will remove 7 3 and 8 and also from condition 1 and 2. Now we have found that 6 it should not be in our solution said so removing 6 7 3 and ID from everywhere.

Crack The Code – Condition 4

Finally, now we will update the correct solution list as it is removed from the correct solution list. Now in the correct solution list we have to we have 0 1 and 4 and in the conform solution list we have zero and 2 No.

We will add all the 5 conditions in our solution area and we will also add the code which we need to find in our solution area.

Now taking condition one into consideration which sees one number is correct and very pleased.

Let start with condition 5

So sex and a desert are already not in our solution said so only number is dessert we have left. That is desert 2. It is the number which is correct and very pleased. Our code which is of three days at the third place it should be to so the third visit of our gourd is 2 which is confirmed now taking the conditions 3 and 5 into consideration the condition 5 says that one number is correct but wrongly plays and kept condition the number seven and eight are not in our solution set.

The only dessert we have left with is zero. So it should be in our conform solution list. Taking the condition 3 also into the consideration which sees two numbers are correct but wrongly pleasing. We have already provided the location to desert two so in according to the condition tree and condition 5 0 should be at the first location of our code.

Now we will take the condition to and to the consideration which says one number is correct but wrongly placed. So if we take the number one as the number which is correct but wrong please. Finally, it will contradict our code in which if only the middle position is left. So that number which can be in that middle position is number four which fulfill the condition to which says one number. That number is four is and that is correct but it is wrongly placed.

This puzzle is solved.

So we will fix the pollution go into our code for the desert for so we have successfully cracked the code. So the code which will open the low is 0 for 2. Let me put the 0 4 2 in the code.

The code is 0 for two which is the solution to this puzzle. Hope you like this crack the code game.

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