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Today. I’m going to share the latest WinRar Crack and key for the full version. We upload this fully compressed file for – Cracked Software visitors. It is a thoroughly tested version for windows both version 32 and 64 bit.

Overview About WinRar Crack

Here you downloaded the compressed file from the internet? This is a massive problem for the majority of peoples. These files could be Zip, RAR, and many formats. So, we think to explain this problem for our visitor. In this post, I will tell you how to unzip and uncompress the zip and RAR file within a few minutes.

WinRar Crack is a solution for your this problem. It is a universal solution for your all problems related to compressed files. You need to download it to your windows and also, It will help you to extract the files into its original form.

This cracked software specially designed for you to unzip your files. Most games are compressed, it is good news for the gamer.

What’s new in the WinRAR latest version
How to Compress the files using WinRar crack and Key
How to extract/Uncompressed files using this application?
Latest Cracked Version Features
System Requirements
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What’s new in the WinRar Crack latest version

  1. Fast Files Process: New option add such as modification, and with this, you can access file time very quickly. Now you cannot modify time.
  2. File Time: Now you can see the creation and last access file time. There are too many other options, but this option set by default.
  3. Double Extensions Archives: It is a subfile option under the subdirectory under the file option. So, now you can put your every file to separate folder. Also, you can switch between to Double extension, for example, filename.ext.rar and filename.rar
  4. Multiple Archives: packing and unpacking can also don on Multiple Archives as a separate creates folders in each archive folder.
  5. Uncompress each Archive to Separate Folder: In the latest version, you can keep your archive to separate folder, in the old version keep all file in a single folder.
  6. New Checkboxes and List style: In a settings option now you see the new change as the shape of checkboxes to select file list items.
  7. Display Size In KB and MB: Another new option adds in settings, and if you open the WinRar Crack, you will see this option. Now you display the file size into KB and MB. (If you have a tiny file this will show in bytes).
  8. Auto Shutdown: In this version, if you check this option, your computer will auto shutdown after completing the work.
  9. Buffer size: In a new version buffer size also increased for ISO files, now the extraction performance improved for many networks.
  10. Delete archive: Now WinRAR also able to delete REV volumes, In the old version, only remove the RAR volumes and keep the REV files.
  11. Delete archive: Previously version only delete zip.001 volume but the new version delete and volume.
  12. Pack shortcut: If you file was packed with .lnk file old version not add to it archive, but the new version does that.
  13. Up to 4 GB: old version show error when we try to compress RAR SFX volumes. But no this problem has been solved.
  14. 7z multivolume: New improvement add in 7z.
  15. New command added “Find”: displays the number of found items in RAR status bar.

How to Compress the files using WinRar crack and Key

Below we how step by step guideline to compress the data.

  1. In this step you need to download the WinRAR usingIDM.
  2. First of all, you need to execute the WinRar app from your PC.
  3. Now select all the files or folder which you want to compress.
  4. You can select files/folder by clicking the right button of your mouse, and Now the dropdown menu will appear on your screen. Select the option “Add to Archive.”
  5. Now in the step, you will prompt with new windows were you need to select the compression formats such as RAR or ZIP.
  6. After this option, and selecting other option your file will start compression. After completing the process, your data will save on the same folder with the same file name.

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How to extract/Uncompressed files using this application?

Here is some simple step that explains the way to uncompress the files using WinRAR key version.

  1. What did you need to uncompress the files? You need only RAR software to uncompress the files safely and free of cost.
  2. Right click on your selected file, now the drop-down menu will appear, select the “Extract files” option. After that, a new window will open.
  3. In this step, you need to pick the extracted files location, It is called “destination path.” Please do not change the file location if you want to extract files in the same folder.
  4. Click on the “OK” button once you select all option and fill them properly. Now the file extraction process has been started.
  5. Enjoy this full process of how to How to extract/Uncompressed files.

Latest Cracked Version Features:

  1. Compress the files with new technology which save the more disk space, also save more time.
  2. New online support you for RAR and zip files also new compression format add.
  3. Vey easy to send data via the web.
  4. Compress the 500MB TXT file to some KBS.
  5. Great software for compressing multimedia files, Auto-select the best compression method.
  6. Save you compressed archive to separate folders
  7. Run Multithreaded compression at the same time.
  8. Support all Unicode and NTFS file systems.

WinRar Crack System Requirements :

  1. OS: Windows ME, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, Vista, Server 2003,Server 2008, Windows 7,Server 2012, Windows 8
  2. Processor (CPU): 32bit, 64bit supported
  3. Memory RAM: 64 MB
  4. Hard Disk: Only 3MB free hard disk required.


In this post, you know everything about the winRAR and all use of it. If you use the cracked, you need to pay nothing. but your computer may or may not in the problem if you have any questions about the WinRaR crack version. Please leave a comment below. Thank you for using Cracked Software

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