Wifi Password Cracker is an app or software which use to crack any device wifi password. It is a fully working link. Here you can download it via a direct link.

Today, everyone wants to get free wifi password, and It is a tough job. But here today we are going to share and fastest way of obtaining free wifi password. There is a lot of ways to hack wifi password but here we share the best way to do it. Wifi Password Cracker is the best tool to get a free password. It has a unique technique for obtaining a Wi-Fi password. Wifi hacker is a powerful tool which completely bypasses security. There are too many other ways to hack it such as ake login page, but it is not working now.

It is a method to crack the wifi password using the app. It is a quick and easy method. Today, It is tough to live without the internet. Finding any person wifi password is hard. But In this post, I will show you how to hack the WiFi password using WiFi password cracker tool.

Different Wifi Password Cracker tools:
There is any possibility to hack the wifi Using Android?
How to Hack the Wifi Using : Wifi Password Cracker
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Did you know that this is a new technique which allows you to hack the WPA/WPA2 wireless network via PMKID?

Here are different Wifi Password Cracker tools:

  1. Wireshark- WiFi Hacker for PC:
    It will allow you to analyze the protocol and corrective steps. This tool not only for a hacking password but also, secure your WiFi network. It is the best tool to capture the target activities and analyze them before cracking the password. It is working on both PC and Linux System.

  2. AirCrack – on All OSs
    AirCrack is a best and oldest Wifi Password Cracker with crack the password fast. We know that this tool is a program in C language. You can use this tool to cracking and monitoring the WiFi networks with a high technique. Much other software hacks the wifi password, but it is a useful and unique tool to crack the password. It is one of the best data capturing too. It was working on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now you can crack the password and get all the info. So, I recommend you to use this tool.
  3. Fern Wifi Cracker
    Best attacker and security auditing software. A perfect tool to brack the WPS/WEP and WPS keys and also analyze WIFI networks. You need to run this program based on Ethernet and wireless networks. It is work only on Linux operating system.
  4. AirSnort – Old but gold.
    Also, the best tool to crack the WLAN encryption. You can crack the password without knowing the owner. AirSnort is entirely free and competitive in the Linux and Windows operating system. It is straightforward to use and user-friendly software. In 2012 it was a best Wifi Password Cracker tool, which cracks the WEP keys and other wifi security.

Her is a step by step guideline to crack someone WiFi password so, and this is a perfect article for you.

It does not matter which network you want to hack, and it could be office, college, school or neighbor wifi network. Also, you can use the above Wifi Password Cracker tool. If you want to free internet, then I think you should buy Data SIM cards. We know that the Internet is very cheap these days.
But if you already decided to hack your neighbor WiFi network and learn the hacking.

After reading this article, I’m not sure you will learn all the things. But here I will tell you one thing. Hacking the WAP Key is tough. Here you will learn a straightforward way. Sometime you will not understand every word.

If you want to hack the wifi, I recommend you to use the all Linux as the operating system. It is the best OS which has a preinstalled all tools such as aircraft-ng and or many commends. Also, if you want to use the new tool Fluxion, I will work on only Linux operating system. Also, today we see much other software which quickly hacks the windows and android wifi.

Here are some types of Network security which you should know.

  1. WEP Security
  2. WPA Security OR WPA2 Security
  3. HIDDEN Network
  4. OPEN Network (without password)
  5. MAC ADDRESS Filtering
  6. WPA2 (WPS available)

There is any possibility to hack the wifi Using Android?

Well, read my all words carefully. Android can only hack WPS WiFi security if I speak honestly. There is no way to Hack the other security Wifi using the Android, because if you want to Hack the wifi. You must have monitor mode On. We know that it is the only way to hack it.

So, please don’t waste your time. If you found some articles on the internet It is a fake way. So, I recommend you to use the computer only to hack the wifi.

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How to Hack WiFi Password Easily Using New Attack On WPA WPA2 WiFi-Key-Password-Cracker-S

How to Hack the Wifi Using : Wifi Password Cracker

Below we explained all working method on for different securities.

WEP Security

WEP developed in 1999. Also, this is the first wifi security. WEP Security stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. As we know it is the first security, so, It is straightforward to crack the wifi key. It is effortless to hack it if you want to understand this cracking. It is not easy. In WEP Security there is an initialization vector which you can to the target network if you capture Initialization vector of a target you can crack the WEP password. If here we understand the working of Aircrack-ng, we can hack the password. It is magic for you. You can hack the strong password within 20-30 minutes. So, It is a rapid way. Aircrack-ng also the best comment for you to Hack the WPA and WPA2A.

Here we explain how to hack the wifi in windows: The good news for the Windows user is that you do not need to run the order. Its interface is a graphical user interface. The bad news is that it will take 4 hours. Check out the complete process of installation on hacking here. There is no difference that you use 7,8,8.1 or 10.

WPA Security OR WPA2 Security

We know that this is a very protected wifi security. It has two types of formats such as WPA & WPA2. When we compare the WPA vs. WEP, we found WPA is more secure wifi security. It is strong wifi security, but still, you can hack it use some special techniques, read below to know more about it.

Here are two special techniques which help you to hack the Wifi.

  1. Word List Attack
  2. Fluxion

Word List Attack: in this technique, we use billions of passwords to crack the password. We apply all the password to the target network one by one. So, we use the Aircrack to apply this password to the target device. It has a high speed of 900 words/seconds.

Fluxion: It is the most popular and favorite method. In this method, We disconnect the target network until the target enters the correct password again. And when He/she enters the correct password, our system captures the password.


In this security, a device only allows connecting the MAC which is already filtered in the machine. Every device has a unique MAC address, which is the identification of this device. Accutlay, It is the name of wifi cards. You can not change the MAC Adress permanently, but you can change it temporarily. If you are a Kali Linux user then you can easily connect to this network, You need to find the already connect devices MAC address and then change your MAC to one of them.

Here you can use the MAC changer to change the MAC address according to connected devices. But if you are a Windows user, then it is not possible. Because, in this operating system, there is no way to find the target MAC address. So, here I recommend you first to find the MAC address using the Kali Linux and then you can change the MAC address using MAC changer.

HIDDEN Network

In this method, the user hides the SSID of the device. Wifi show with the name of “Hidden Network.” Now If you want to connect with this network you will enter the name of the network then you can access the internet. But this is not strong security. You can find the hidden SSID using the tools. So, there are no benefits to hide your SSID. You can use the wifi scanner tool to find the hidden SSID.

WPA2 (WPS available)

Wireless Protected Setup insecure your network security in the best way. You can also call It as WPA-PSK or WPA2. In this method, the device uses the digit pin or password to secure the network. If you want to connect with a router, you must enter the eight-digit PIN to join peacefully. But the router checks the first 4 and last four digits separately, this is a week point of this security. You can connect with this network by force attack. We can crack this security within 40-45 minutes using pixie dust with Reaver commends.

Here are three different methods for different operating systems.

  1. Linux: In this operating system you need to type some commands to hack the network. We know that Linux is the best hacking/crack operating system. Aircrack-ng is a way to get a WPA-PSK pin code.
  2. Window user: If you are a windows user then it is straightforward for you. Here you can crack this within 5-7 minutes or less.
  3. Android: If you want to hack the wifi network using Android than use WPS Connect app which can help you to bypass the security. Free download it from google play store but makes sure that your Android Lollipop and the phone is rooted.

OPEN Network (without password)

I think that open WiFi is needed. Network hacking means the entire network controls. Yes, you can do it on the college network. Today, we know that every router has a default username and password. Nowadays, 90% router has their default password. So, It is straightforward to hack this type of routers. You can download the world default password and apply all passwords.

Download Links:

Fern_2.2_all.deb – 1.5 MB

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