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Turbo Pizza can be very interesting. I mean there is a lot to handle in it. Like you can deliver anything you want. Run different foods at your restaurant. Get orders and deliver them to the address.

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Above all, you will also have to help Rebecca and Robert to run their pizzeria successful. Because you are a worker there and also very main. It is all also in your hand to get profit for them. If you will not do your job at your best then they will lose it. And you will also lose your job. And above all, you will kill the fun element in it. If we go into more further detail then there is a lot done more. 50 very interesting levels are available to enjoy. Each one fills with a new kind of mysteries that you can enjoy. And a lot more for you.

Overview Of Turbo Pizza Free Download Latest Version:

Its story is very unique. And also very interesting to play. Let me take you through all the fun that you can do in it. So, basically, there are two people you will have to help. They are Robert and Rebeca. And they are opening a pizzeria that you will have to run for them. Also, you will have to deliver the items the people will order. It may be pizza or something else as the customers would want to buy. You can not force your customers to buy something. Although you will have to give them what they want. With your best service. So, they must not be disappointed. Then they will not come for more. This will affect your business very badly.

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But in the place, if you will give them the best service with your menu. Give what they want then they will also come for more. And your business will grow up. You will get a profit and you can invest that profit. To open new shops, buy different things or do whatever you want to do. But you will have to keep doing the good work for your customers. And help Rebecca and Robert to grow there business. Because you are the only one who can help them. Now we are going to discuss a few of the things that will make it more fun. So, that are graphics and controls of the game. First, we will talk about the graphics. Everything in it just looks fine. There is no lack of colors or even more that will make it look different.

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Then the things that are in actual. After the graphics now controls. They are also pretty unique. Controls make the game more fun to play. There is real beauty in it to watch. Now more about your pizzeria. You will not stand at pizza you will have to keep growing your business. Earn money store it buys new kinds of equipment. And also open a new shop in two very beautiful locations. Serve your customers with Coffee, Pizza, Burger, Ice Cream, Roll and even more. Put whatever you want to put in your shops and become a successful shopkeeper. And above all have fun while playing Turbo Pizza.

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Download: turbopizza_setup – 27.8 MB

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Turbo Pizza Features:

Below we share noticeable features which you’ll enjoy after installing Turbo Pizza.

  1. Help Rebecca and Robert to run there pizzeria successfully.
  2. 50 different kinds of level fill with fun to enjoy.
  3. The interface is user-friendly because it is built for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Open your shops in very two beautiful locations and run them.
  5. Above all, in this game, there are also a lot of other mini-games to play.
  6. Also, the story is very interesting and fun.
  7. Deliver more things like Ice cream, Cakes, coffee and even more.
  8. Save money and purchase different kinds of items for business.
  9. You can also change the menu if you want.
  10. You will have to earn money and keep upgrading your business.
  11. There is a lot more for you to enjoy in Turbo Pizza.

System Requirements:

Before you start free download Turbo Pizza, make sure your PC meets the following minimum system requirements.

  1. [OS]: Windows XP/Vista/7
  2. [CPU]: Processor 800 Mhz or better
  3. [RAM]: 256 Mb RAM
  4. [DirectX]: DirectX 8.0


At the end of Turbo Pizza Review, you know everything about the Turbo Pizza pc game and how to use it. If you have any questions about the Cracked software/game. Please leave a comment below.

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